domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Warning to jobseeker…!

Warning to jobseeker…! be careful, a call received at dawn with the code 44, not necessarily coming from England, could be from Nigeria or any African country, a lucrative contract to go to UK with a preliminary written interview by way of easy questions, a company that you does not remember well have applied to an employment opportunity, it sure is a fake.
We have the anxiety of job getting and very concerned about the economic conditions that makes us vulnerable, but we know that the Real companies use their own domain name on their email, and do not use free email providers: For example, if you get a job offer from XYZ Petroleum Company, and their email ID is, or, it sure is a fake. but the scammers are also preparing and now have their web sites, see an example:, This company (Dana Petroleum) actually exists or existed, what we know with certainty is that it was acquired by KNOC KOILC.UL, its biggest acquisition and the first overseas hostile takeover by an Asian state-owned company, the acquisition was $2.6 billion per the British-based. Observe in detail the web domain of Dana-Petroleum, written above, (, if someone had news before the company may recall that he was (.com),
and headers true are as follows:

Group Headquarters:
17 Carden Place
AB10 1UR
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 652 400
Fax: +44 (0) 1224 652 401
Registered in England No. 3456891
Registered Office: Pellipar House, 9 Cloak Lane, London EC4R 2RU

and headers fake are as follows:

Dana Petroleum plc
17 Carden Place
Aberdeen AB10 1UR
Fax: +44 7005 938084,

+44 70, the 070 service is based on the principle of a flexible virtual telephone number. Depending on the telecommunications service provider, these numbers are able to be remotely commanded, by Web, SMS or IVR to route calls to most international destinations, including mobiles. They are similar to follow-me numbers, but are able to be controlled remotely and push calls to the desired destination. For example, the UK number +44 070-05850-070 is routed to an Inmarsat number, so that the subscriber can be reached anywhere on Earth just as if he were still in the United Kingdom. For the telephone numbering plan context of 070 numbers see Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom.

Check the prefix after the country code.
If the “reply to” email ID is different “from” the email ID
If the contact telephone numbers are mobile phone number

And most importantly, never pay or provide information to your credit cards or bank accounts.
Reports the abuse and the fake and make use of the delete key.
Ángel Rivero
May 23, 2011

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